Dinosaur world-Phoot shoot

Published January 9, 2011 by Jazzy Jewels Parties

Yesterday i was called to do a photo shoot in Plant city Florida. The photo shoot took place in Dinosaur world. The photos are going to be in True magazine. They had a stylist booked but she was a no-show. I got a phone call asking me to please come help luckily i wasnt booked which is odd for a Saturday.I am glad i was able to do it i loved the photographer her Vision was different and unique. There were three models they were all very sweet and beautiful! Latisha who is one of the models  lives in Miami and works for Wilhelmina agency. She booked a job next month in Africa and has to stay their for three months. They all three also work for Benz agency out of Tampa. The first look for the shoot was middle part kinda straight on  top with full curls on bottom. After Dino world we changed the look to pulled back of the face with lots of height on top. The third look was wild with all down. Here are some pictures from Dino world:)                                                         


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